Wacker Neuson Concrete Technology

Concrete Technology

Wacker Neuson Soil Compactors are suited to those large areas of soil compaction especially on those tough slopes. The Single Drum Soil Compactors are available with smooth and padfoot drums.

Converters---FUE-Range-2 DF16---Reinforcement-Equipment-2 HD3.7-RD3.7-YD3 Screeds---P35A-Wet-Screed-2

Converters – FUE Range – Download Brochure
Wacker_Neuson_Concrete-Technology_V04_EN – Download Brochure
Screeds – P35A Wet Screed – Download Brochure
Mechanical frequency converters – Download Brochure
HD3.7 RD3.7 YD3.5 drive unit – Download Brochure
DF16 – Reinforcement Equipment – Download Brochure