Antonio Carraro TRX

Narrow row crops, leafy crops, vineyards under trellis, hillside situations, rocky terrain, terraces, difficult areas: this is a specialised, “made to measure”, multifunctional, modern concept tractor.

Antonio carrero trx

TRX AntonioIts compactness, extremely narrow steering circle, exceptionally powerful motor, combined with constant traction and total safety means that it is able to cope with all types of terrain and obstacles in all conditions and climates throughout the entire year.

Reversible drive and elevated ergonomics make the task at hand easier by noticeably reducing the operator’s fatigue while increasing efficiency with a consequent saving of time, energy and money.

The TRX can quickly and easily change a large number of tools and pieces of equipment thereby enabling it to carry out a wide variety of tasks: ploughing on hills, crop spraying, fruit collection, barn maintenance, road maintenance, taking care of parklands, forestry, building sites and much more besides.

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antonio trx

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