Antonio Carraro TRG

Open and rocky ground, orchards on hillsides and plains, huge vineyards under awnings and on terraces: the TRG, the biggest and most powerful tractor belonging to the Ergit Series, is a new sort of tractor, specialised, “made to measure” and multifunctional.

Antonio Carraro tractor

Top of the Range: “Made to measure”

TRG series MorningtonCompact dimension, extremely narrow turning circle, exceptionally powerful engine combined with constant traction and total safety mean that it is well suited to all types of terrain and capable of coping with uneven, rough surfaces in all weather conditions throughout the entire year.

With it’s slightly larger rear wheels giving a greater surface area in contact with the ground, the TRG is the most suitable of the Ergit series tractors for ground work like ploughing, ripping etc.

Available with the Super Comfort Cab, the TRG offers one of the largest operator platforms and roomiest cabins in the Antonio Carraro range.

Reversible drive and elevated ergonomics make the task at hand easier by noticeably reducing the operator’s fatigue while increasing average operational time with a consequent saving of time and energy.

The TRG can quickly and easily change a large number of tools and pieces of equipment thereby enabling it to carry out a wide variety of tasks: ploughing on hills, crop spraying, fruit collection, barn maintenance, road maintenance, taking care of parklands, forestry, building sites and much more besides.

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