Antonio Carraro JONA

The Tigrone 5500 has evolved into the Tigrone 5500 “Jona”. The new aspect of this machine – the biggest seller in the AC range – is given by a long series of improvements regarding mechanical features and operating comfort.

Antonio Carraro Jona

The new ACTIO™ chassis, reinforced and strengthened, gives the machine more weight, increasing its working stability on hilly or mountainous terrain and among specialised crops where the machine gives its best results, moving with agility between the rows. The new tow hitch allows better access to the PTO. The new PTO is independent with a mechanical control, at 540/540E rpm.
The geometrical structure of the lifting system is new, increasing the lifting capacity by about 100 kg in comparison with the basic model. The new lift with controlled force improves the use of the tools, as it is jointly managed by force and position.

Antonia Carraro Mornington

The Tigrone 5500 “Jona” offers top-level operating comfort thanks to a wider driver position.

The tractor has a reliable 48 hp 4-stroke diesel engine, ecological and very silent-running, compliant with the “Stage 3A” st


The Tigrone 5500 “Jona” also has a new synchronised gearbox with 12 forward +12 reverse speeds, with inverter.