Antonio Carraro

Antonio Carraro are renowned for there versatility and performance in many agricultural applications such as Vineyards, Orchards, Hay making or Municipal use.

Antonio Carraro tractors are both compact and powerful which lends them to many jobs unable to be carried out by the classic tractor, and listed below are just some of the special features, which make them unique.

Antonio Carraro TTR 4400Antonio Carraro TTR 100Antonio Carraro TRHAntonio Carraro Mach 2Antonio Carraro Mach 4Antonio Carraro Jona Antonio Carraro SRX Antonio Carraro TGF Antonio Carraro TRG Antonio Carraro TRXAntonio Carraro TRXAntonio Carraro TRXAntonio Carraro TRX

Features of all Antonio Carraro Tractors –

Longitudinal Oscillation (ACTIO™) All Antonio Carraro tractors have a good 15 degrees of Longitudinal Oscillation in the chassis, keeping the wheels in contact with the ground and giving better traction and safety

Low Centre of Gravity All Carraro tractors are designed with a very low centre of gravity, giving better stability and therefore a much safer operating envelope.

Difficult Terrain and Mountain Side Climing Antonio Carraro tractors are designed to cope with difficult terrain and mountainsides and the safety aspect is one of the most important plus points they possess. Tests show that these tractors can retain stability on all fourwheels with transversal movement on slopes of up to 40 degrees and this is already an enormous
safety feature in itself.

50/50 Weight Distribution The tractors are designed with 60% of the weight on the front and 40% on the rear when no implement is fitted, but on fitting an implement the weight distribution is 50/50 giving better traction and stability.

True 4Wheel Drive All Carraro tractors are a true 4-wheel drive tractor NOT a front wheel assist as are many of the competitors.

Tight Turning Circle The Antonio Carraro range of tractors have a very tight turning making them ideal for those tight conditions.

Exception Ground Clearance – The Antonio Carraro have very good ground clearance with the TRG tractors having ground clearance of up to 410mm or 16.1 inches when fitted with the 320/70R20 front and 360/70R24 rear tyres.